Who We Are:

Spheratical Productions strive to give professional service to all their clients. We definitely have the resources to dedicate a team of specialized professionals to our projects. By combining all our different types of experience and expertise, we can create a fully integrated service that effortlessly combines  graphic design, dynamic Web programming, powerful online marketing, brand and image designing and video productions.

Contact Number: (071) 886 2408 | Fax: 086 648 9937 | E-Mail: info@spheratical.com


Web & Application Development

Web & App Development/Design/Programming & Database

  • Database Design & Development
  • Web Development (ASP.net, PHP, HTML)
  • Application Development (Windows/Mac/iOS)
  • Flash Development
  • System Development (Custom Systems for Businesses on Internet & Intranets/ Web & Application)


Synergia is a a unique modulated system developed by Spheratical Productions that allows you to have full control of all your communication/business systems and services provided by Spheratical Productions. It also allows you to add/remove and manage other services from your profile such as web, email, sms, cms, crm and many more for your orginisation.

The modulated system is extremely flexible, efficient and affordable to almost any sector. There are many available plugins that you can activate, or request a custom-written module/application to accommodate your requirements. Please contact us for a demonstration.

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