About Our Company

Since Spheratical Productions started in 2007, more than 500 websites have been developed; we have produced, directed and starred in more than 200 corporate videos, music videos and TV Shows. Spheratical Productions also organise and participate in interactive marketing campaigns for businesses and organisations around the globe. Our development team excels at combining exceptional graphic design, dynamic Web programming and powerful online marketing. Our clients include various famous brands, smaller businesses in almost every industry and also individuals.

Who We Are:

Spheratical Productions strive to give profession service to all their clients. We definitely have the resources to dedicate a team of specialized professionals to our projects. By combining all our different types of experience and expertise, we can create a fully integrated service that effortlessly combines  graphic design, dynamic Web programming, powerful online marketing, brand and image designing and video productions.

With the development of our lifestyle in South Africa, it is important to have a professionally designed and maintained web site.

Spheratical Productions can help you and your company maximise the benefits by ensuring that your company and web site meets every expectation of its visitors.
From a simple online brochure spanning a few pages to large scale e-commerce installations, online database integration or active content and private intranet / extranet systems we are able to provide an affordable, professional web site design solution tailored to suit your budget and expectations.

With more than ten years of experience creating interactive projects, we’ve had plenty of time to perfect our development process. We’ve determined a project is only as strong as the planning that goes in to it. That’s why we’ve designed our “Success Starts with Strategy” development process to make sure your project reaches its maximum potential through effective information architecture

At the conclusion of the development process, not only will you have a great product, but you will also have this comprehensive blueprint document to use as a basis for future product expansion. We believe in doing things right the first time, and we know that proper planning is the only way to ensure that will happen. We appreciate the opportunity to prove to you that Success Starts with Strategy!

Contact Information:

Contact Number: (071) 886 2408
Fax: 086 648 9937
E-Mail: info@spheratical.com


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Gerhard van Rooyen

Gerhard van Rooyen is one of South Africa's most up and coming film directors, script writer and producer. His extreme passion for people and photography, people and music, people and life can be seen in the way it is portrayed in the work he has done thus far that can be seen on all major local television channels and YouTube.
He recently wrote and produced an international music video that will be featured on television channels such as MTV Europe, BBC1 and BBC2.